Big Bottom Squash

…you make my world go round!

I love this little butternut squash:

All bottom.

I’m always surprised by the unique nature of each butternut squash. They’re all totally different with their own little personalities.

Don’t worry…I don’t actually think butternuts have personalities! Just interesting features and quirks that make them special.

Speaking of special, this chocolate avocado mousse is ridiculously good. Make it. Now.

Why is this so freaking good?

I kept mine thicker like a pudding, and I wish I had bought more avocados! I only picked up one, and I wish it had been more like one dozen. I can’t wait to make this again.

In addition to making desserts with avocado, I’m also starting to put flax seed meal on things, like this salad.

I'm so healthy.

Suzi gave me my requested coffee bean grinder for my birthday, so I’m whirring away with the flax seeds. What’s next? Chia seeds? Flax seeds are probably so last year.

Tonight is my first physics class, and I’m doing nothing but dreading it. Anything but physics! Blargh.


6 thoughts on “Big Bottom Squash

  1. Saveur says:

    Glad you liked the mousse! I am loving the flax seeds… I have them on my oatmeal every morning, replacing the chia seeds. :)

    • carrie says:

      I LOVE the mousse!! Thanks for posting the recipe!

    • I am finding it hilarious that the advert at the bottom of your post is for McDonald’s. Tell me more about avocado mousse. Does it taste like avocados? No dairy, I assume?

      • carrie says:

        Unless you don’t puree it very well, it does not taste like avocado! The avocado takes on all of the cocoa flavor, and gives it a delightfully creamy base. Right, no dairy.

        It’s a very simple recipe, yet super tasty! One note of caution is to make sure the avocado isn’t over-ripe. It it’s over-ripe, I think it would just taste blechy.

  2. cj says:

    I love plain yogurt and high lignan content flax seed oil together with frozen blueberries. I never got into grinding my own flax, but imagine it’s tasty.

  3. Val says:

    Totally going to make this mousse!! It sounds and looks awesome!

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