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Yeah, it was that kind of party. (Photo credit to Porkchop's cousin's wife.)



There’s nothing like attending a one-year-old’s birthday party to bring you out of a funk.

Porkchop’s niece Ruby is the most precious, happy, funny child ever, and her birthday party was hilarious and heart-warming. I hope to snag a photo from someone else later to share.

To mark the occasion, I made this pair of stuffies using Ysolda Teague’s free pattern.

Almost as precious as Ruby!

The green one is a much better green than this photo shows! I did the eyes and hearts with a felting needle. It was my first time to use one, and I loved it! I’m going to put little felted stuff on everything now.

Have a good week!

Confusion in the Food Court

While I was leaving one of the dining rooms at our university center, a young student approached me, looking slightly distressed. This was our exchange.

Student (rather frantic): Do you hear music??!!

Me (concerned): Well, I did hear a little music earlier, but not now.

Student (still distressed): Oh. Hmmm. I was just wondering if you could hear music. There should be music.

Me (even more concerned): I mean, there was music. I could hear it a little over there (motioning into the dining room). I don’t think you’re hearing things!

Student (now confused): Oh, there should be music.

Me: Ohhh….?

Student: I mean, it’s part of my job. I’m supposed to check if there’s music playing in here!