Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hello, November

It’s a blustery fall day out, and I wish I could be doing anything but sitting in this darned office!

My motivation for work has reached an all-time low. I want to be doing so many other things, but most of all, I want to be somewhere different than this office. It’s a stagnant pool for me.

There are things to do, conference-planning stuff I could work on, for example. However, have I ever mentioned how I hate conference planning work? It’s my least favorite activity, and when I was hired, I was told we had only one a year. Now I roll from conference to conference, and each one grates on my nerves more than the last.

Last week, I had a horrible physics test. I came out with a 67, a C+ and a little below the class average. Before the test, I felt quite confident. I understood all my homework, and I could do all of the suggested problems. Struggling through the test, I felt my confidence wither away until I just wanted to stop trying.

My original goal for physics was to earn at least a B+, but now that will be quite difficult. If our last test isn’t as brutal, I might be able to swing a B.

Given my desire to get out of this life-sucking office, and my faltering physics grade, I’ve started reconsidering my school options. I could apply to the WUSTL OT program for Fall 2012 entry. I have all except one requirement nailed down, and OT doesn’t require physics or chemistry classes. It’s also a two year program, so I could be doing something different sooner.

Or I could apply to the accelerated, one-year RN program and start in Fall 2012 or Spring 2013. I could be happy doing that, right?

I want a big life change, and I want it now, damn it.

On to other things…


A few weekends ago, I visited my friend Jean in Columbia. Going to Columbia always feels like going home to me. It’s such a comfortable little city, and I could probably be happy moving back there.

There are fun things to do, and getting around is easy. In five minutes you can be downtown having delicious soup before watching an indie movie (the Uprise Bakery/Ragtag complex). Or in ten minutes you can be driving on country roads, poking around old cemeteries.

As a student in Columbia, I had a lot of time to drive around exploring. Gas was cheap, and I loved taking random roads to figure where they went. Back in the day, I was an expert in navigating the little towns and backroads along the Missouri river. Jean and I revisited one of my finds, Mt. Nebo cemetery outside of Huntsdale.

Driving to it, I kept asking Jean, “how did I find this place??” I regularly biked through Huntsdale while on the Katy Trail, but I don’t know how I happened upon the cemetery.

The first time Jean and I visited it (12 or 13 years ago, I suppose), a big cow was blocking the road. We didn’t encounter that obstacle on this visit, but we did spot this very neat headstone:

No name, no dates, only a photo.

During my visit to Columbia, many little roads were taken and many a good meal was enjoyed. I look forward to returning!

Old friends now older.

P.S. The above photo shows my hair at the longest it’s been in ages. I was giving the “grow it out” thing a shot, but I couldn’t handle it. The long hair made me feel tired, and I was always concerned about it. I’m now back to my regular length, and I couldn’t be happier.

A Random Mishmash of Other Things

There are good things that happened in October that I haven’t written about!

In knitting-related items, I attended a reading by the entertaining and super-smart Yarn Harlot. I had to leave the reading early for another engagement, and I regret missing out on some surely funny anecdotes.

Taking a photo of the Yarn Harlot taking a photo.

Also, I bought some Habu yarn, a most wonderful impulse purchase made while our car was being inspected! (The knitting shop is across from the car dealership. I did not buy this yarn at the dealership!)

Delicious Habu

The red is a silk-stainless steel yarn, and the grey is merino. One day, it will be a Kusha Kusha scarf.

I’ve never knitted off of cones before. Does one keep the yarn on the cone, or wind it into a ball?

The sales person who rang up the yarn warned me to not let my pets play with the stainless steel yarn because it could cut their paws. When I asked if I should wear gloves while knitting it up, she laughed. She said I would be fine. But if it can supposedly cut pet paws, why wouldn’t it cut me? I guess I will find out!

Speaking of delicious things, I made this Butternut Squash, Coconut, and Lentil Stew using one of our homegrown butternuts. While I didn’t have the recommended toor dal, substituting red lentils gives one a super tasty stew. I could eat this everyday!


Finally, I don’t think I ever mentioned here that Porkchop bought everything from a letterpress studio outside of Minneapolis and carted it back to our garage. The garage is being slowly transformed into a studio, and I will have to post a picture of the exterior soon.

Porkchop working it.

Tomorrow, we’re having some folks over for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. We have so much to do! With the exception of the turkey, we haven’t bought any ingredients! We haven’t even really planned the menu!

Have a great Friday, friends.