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More Celebration

I’m unable to post to Facebook at the moment, so I’m announcing this here…

I earned an A- in physics!!!!! Smart again!

In all seriousness, I can’t believe it.


On Tuesday, I took off of work to do last-minute studying for physics. The test wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and I feel like I earned a solid B or B- (which is good in this twisted world of physics).

Last night was my abnormal psychology final, which was annoying as expected with its 100 multiple choice questions regarding minute details buried within the >800 PowerPoint slides from the last half of the semester.

To celebrate the end of such annoyances, Porkchop and I visited Fountain on Locust for ice cream delights. Porkchop stuck with a scoop of butternut pecan in a waffle cone while I ordered something that I’ve always wanted: the Three Coins Sundae.

With scoops of Zanzibar chocolate, After Dinner Mint, and Coconut Almond Joy (I subbed this for vanilla) topped with hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and three chocolate coins, this sundae was the best way to mark the end of the semester.

Distinguished portrait with sundae.

The Zanzibar chocolate is always good, but the mint and coconut flavors really knocked my socks off. After Dinner Mint with hot fudge sauce is my new favorite.

Determined to power through the ice cream.

You might recall that I stopped eating refined sugar over the summer. I still don’t have much of it, and the sugar I had last night was probably more than I’ve had in total since the summer. While trying to go to sleep last night, my heartbeat was ba-BOOM ba-BOOM ba-SUGARSUGARSUGAR.

Flagging, but close to finishing.

In any case, I’d rather have a bunch of sugar-y ice cream than do a physics problem!


Sixteen Days

Life again is a measurement of days.

Six days until my semester is over, ten days until Christmas, sixteen days until we can shut the door on 2011.

2011 has been an intense year of deconstruction, reconstruction, irrevocable change.

I’ve felt things I’ve never felt before nor want to again. I hit bottom in a few areas of my life. I hope to build some things anew, and I hope to scrap other things entirely.

More than anything really, and perhaps most selfishly, I’m striving for pain-free days in 2012.

The other night, as I sat in bed on a folded up blanket with my left leg dangling over the side in the hope of not irritating my hip, I realized I’ve had very few pain-free days in the past 19 months. While I’m past the days of wanting to cut off my leg and just be free of the damned thing, and past the days when it felt like there was a butcher knife in my butt cutting through my muscles, I’m still worn down.

Chronic pain isn’t a fun topic, so I don’t talk about it much these days. It has become this thing in my life that I try to ignore until I can’t anymore, and then I feel like crying. It makes me want to throw plates against walls, to set things on fire, to smash large panes of glass. It’s a frustration and anger that becomes bigger than me, and I think that makes people uncomfortable.

2012: here’s looking to you.

Rosemary Hands

My gloves smell like rosemary. If you see me sniffing my gloves, that’s why.

Yesterday morning I picked a whole mess of herbs:

Good smelling stuff

Now they’re hanging in paper bags in a closet. This is my first foray into herb drying!

With the hope of the plant living through winter, I left a few branches on the rosemary bush. My rosemary never makes it through, but maybe this winter is the year?

I long for the car-sized rosemary bushes of New Mexico!

This (fake) tree isn’t quite car-sized, but it’s ours:

Lights! Tree! Presents!

We left a spot on the tree skirt for Keetah. It’s her favorite place to be! When she isn’t there, she’s here:


Over the weekend, I made my favorite tofu curry stew:

Best stew

It’s lovely, and I don’t know why I only make it once a year.

Right now, I have three knitting project underway, and pictures of none. Next time!

Have a good week!

More Daybreak

Tired morning face, yet happy to be wearing my completed and blocked Daybreak:

Going to work is better in my Daybreak.

Daybreak close-up

When I look at all the stitches in this shawl, I realize why it took me so long. And why I usually stick with smaller projects.

Doing Things

Yesterday, I nailed down my academic reference for my OT application. Yep, I’ve decided to apply to the OT program here at Washington University. While I know it’s best to apply to more than one program, I’m not prepared to up and move in the fall. So we’ll see what happens.

Since my initial email request went unanswered, I ambushed my anatomy professor before class yesterday. Being back in the lab room made me feel so happy, and the professor and TA talked to me as though we had just seen each other yesterday. Anatomy lab was such a great class; I miss it all the time, but especially when I’m in physics.

Securing this final reference boosted my mood so much, I was a whirlwind of activity last night. I did things like block a scarf, cook dinner and prepare lunch/dinner for today, run two loads of laundry, mop the kitchen floor and dining area, run/walk 2 miles at the gym, and knit. And that doesn’t include the usual stuff of scooping litter boxes and doing my PT exercises. It was a very productive evening!

Now I just have to get serious about writing my statement of purpose and tying up some other application-related loose ends.

Knitterly Things

The knitting front has seen lots of activity recently! Most notably, I finished my Daybreak!

Off the needles at La Dolce Via

More Daybreak

I’ve since blocked and worn the shawl, and I really need to take another picture of it.

This yarn became a simple ribbed cowl, which I also need to photograph and post.


Finally, I’m blocking my Interlocking Balloons scarf right now. Some alert readers might recall that I finished knitting it in January 2009. In the post documenting its completion, I noted that I started the scarf on “November 7, 200-freaking-7.” Quite tellingly, I elaborated, “For quite some time, I was convinced that this would be my perpetually unfinished object….Now I just have to block it, and that, my friends, will require blocking pins (which I don’t have).”

While I received blocking pins with my blocking wires last year, I just now blocked the darned thing. FOUR YEARS AFTER STARTING IT. That’s simply ridiculous. I will wear it this year!

Running Things

Readers might also recall that I started the C25K program at the end of the summer. I loved it, I really did. I worked my way up to running 15 minutes straight through, and I felt great.

Except for my left hip. Running for a 15 minute block crushed it. I was in pain for 3 weeks.

I laid off the running until I could go for most of a day without my hip reminding me of that run, and now I’ve started back from the beginning. While I won’t be able to progress as quickly as the program recommends, I will reach that 5K mark someday! Right now I’m back to running blocks of 1.5 min, and giving my hip time to strengthen and catch up with the rest of me.

Food Things

Porkchop and I hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner, and it was probably the best dinner we’ve ever hosted. All of the food was spot-on and delicious!

Porkchop and I have a series of Thanksgiving photos just like this one:

I could do without this part of dinner preparation.

These are the items Porkchop and I made:

Alien vegetables

I hope we can do it again next year!

Anyway, that’s a wrap. Have a great week!