Rosemary Hands

My gloves smell like rosemary. If you see me sniffing my gloves, that’s why.

Yesterday morning I picked a whole mess of herbs:

Good smelling stuff

Now they’re hanging in paper bags in a closet. This is my first foray into herb drying!

With the hope of the plant living through winter, I left a few branches on the rosemary bush. My rosemary never makes it through, but maybe this winter is the year?

I long for the car-sized rosemary bushes of New Mexico!

This (fake) tree isn’t quite car-sized, but it’s ours:

Lights! Tree! Presents!

We left a spot on the tree skirt for Keetah. It’s her favorite place to be! When she isn’t there, she’s here:


Over the weekend, I made my favorite tofu curry stew:

Best stew

It’s lovely, and I don’t know why I only make it once a year.

Right now, I have three knitting project underway, and pictures of none. Next time!

Have a good week!

4 thoughts on “Rosemary Hands

  1. I need to pick my rosemary, too. I should do that before it’s frozenmary, eh? It does smell soooo good. When I’m working in the garden, I rub my hands over it just for fun. Oh, and bazil. MMMMM. Your tree looks great. My foster kittens have murdered my tree. Yesterday, they climbed up it and knocked it over. :(

  2. Oh! For starters, basil is with an s, not a z. Obviously. Secondly, try putting a clear plastic tub over your plant for the winter (maybe a brick on top to weight it down). That might provide enough insulation to keep it alive. :)

  3. 13projects says:

    Keetah is one fine looking cat. Meow.

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