My friend CJ, author of 13projects, has cats on the brain. This is surprising because she is terribly allergic and has always declared to dislike cats (with the exception of Keetah, of course). However, a recent cat-sitting stint was enough to have her searching the Petfinder website.

Last time I was on the Petfinder website, Porkchop and I found ourselves filling out an application to adopt a little chihuahua puppy, which was going to live in Porkchop’s pocket and accompany her everywhere. (The puppy was adopted with his brother, which was good because he was found to have a heart condition that required a lot of medical intervention.)

This is what the Petfinder website does to you. It sucks you in until you find yourself wanting to drive to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to adopt a cat.

CJ sent me a link to this little guy named Napoleon:

Squishy little cat cuteness

Besides Keetah, is Napoleon not the best cat you’ve ever seen??

If CJ didn’t have dibs and Keetah wouldn’t die from the introduction of another cat, I would have been in my car last night to bring him home!


9 thoughts on “Napoleon

  1. Holly says:

    God damned CJ and Petfinder. That cat is so freaking cute I can barely stand it. You should look at the Tenth Life website instead, those kittles are local and I have connections. :)

    • carrie says:

      Tenth Life has some cute cats also! Keetah would kill me if I brought home another cat, though.

      Actually, she would just hide in a closet and hate me the entire time. And maybe pee on things such as my bed.

  2. 13projects says:

    I was in the middle of filling out my application and planning my trip to Kenosha today when I realized that I had no idea about Napoleon’s demeanor or habits. And, just as I was letting the phone ring to find out, I realized a few things I’ve known all along:
    1. I really am not a fan of cats, except for Keetah and now Little, for whom I catsat.
    2. I am allergic to cats.
    3. I thought Napoleon’s coat would be more wirehair, like a Devon Rex, but it turns out the Skelkirk Rex cats are essentially curly hair Persians, which just means he’ll have double the hair to carry double the dander.
    4. I really don’t like cat hair everywhere.
    5. I’m kind of messy, which would contribute to cat hair would get everywhere.
    6. What if Napoleon’s demeanor ruined his cuteness?
    8. Long hair cats=dingleberries.

    So. I’m going to stay cat-free for the time being. He’s such a beauty, though, and I do hope that someone can give him love and affection (if he likes affection). It’s both the right thing and the sad thing to do.

    • carrie says:

      What a hard decision, but probably the right one. There would be so much hair and dander everywhere!

      Perhaps we should just save Napoleon’s photo and look at it when we need some cheering up.

  3. Donna says:

    Napoleon is a handsome beast! Sort of looks like he’s been needle-felted.

  4. 13projects says:

    Update: Dammit. Napoleon is still available. Dammit. Dammit. The pendulum is perhaps swinging. I’m calling tomorrow to see what he is like personality and habits-wise. Ah, universe.

  5. 13projects says:

    I am pleased to announce the adoption of two buddies who are my friends. They aren’t Napoleon, but they are Megapaws:

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