The other night, I purchased a sofa off of Craigslist. This one, actually:

My sofa. NOT my house.

The house pictured above is a mid-century modern treasure with original floors, paneling, and kitchen. Recently, the owners opened a vintage furniture shop on Cherokee Street. This sofa, however, is not vintage. It was purchased from Macy’s a few years ago, and this was all a great coincidence because I was looking at this exact style over the weekend. There is some slight wear on it, but I prefer to save $400!

This weekend, I’m going pillow shopping. I never thought I would write such a sentence, but there it is. I need some pillows for this sofa.

I also hope to do some painting this weekend. With that, the pillows, and opening a new checking account, I’ll be quite busy.

Non-furniture Stuff

Starting this past Sunday night, my sleep has become much better. When I started dozing off in bed without having to trick myself into sleeping, I was so incredibly pleased. I now wake up around 5 am, and I can usually get myself back to sleep without too much trouble.

Sleep: it makes such a big difference.

My dreams have been quite interesting because that’s where I process stuff. While some people have fluffy candy or other such fantastical dreams, mine are very literal. If I’m annoyed with my dad, I dream of arguing with him. If I’m stressed because of work, I have work dreams. So far, I’ve had three major dreams since the break-up, and each one makes me face things that have happened, are happening, or will happen. The emotions in my dreams are quite intense, but I appreciate my unconscious preparing me for hard things.

Regarding food, my appetite seems to be back in full force. I want to eat all the things. In less than a year, I lost over 11 pounds. Half was due to cutting out grains and cutting back on sugar, but I lost the other half quite suddenly because of the Great Sadness.

This, perhaps more than anything except the ache that I felt in my chest, bothered me. I never thought I would be someone who didn’t care about food. I love to eat, and I love to make good things. So when I started to forget to eat, when I had to force myself to eat things despite my stomach not wanting anything, when I lost interest in grocery shopping, I felt like I’d become a stranger. It’s good to be back to being hungry and interested in food again. Now I just need to bring something besides nuts with me to work for snacking.

I’m likely to become a giant almond.

All for now.

5 thoughts on “Furnishings

  1. Alessandra Plattner says:

    Busy woman you are. Concerning food, yes, the pleasure of eating something good feels so nurturing. Take care of yourself. Now with better sleep and food back to normal you should feel a little better. The sofa is very nice… knitting night on the new sofa soon? :-) Later almond girl. I just realized I’m more of a pecan girl myself.

  2. Schroeder says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling more you! That’s great news. The man wants a Dr. Who scarf, so I’ll be needing some knitting dates, STAT. Let’s catch up, immediately.

  3. Donna says:

    So glad you’re feeling better, and better able to move forward.

    Almonds and raisins = awesome snack! Sometimes I lose my mind and throw in a couple of dark chocolate chips.

  4. 13projects says:

    Carrie: there are two Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs at the little antique shop in my neighborhood. I’m trying to get someone to buy them, since there isn’t room for me to have any more things (clean all the things?!? clean ALL the things) in my house. They are so beautiful. If you lived here, we could go see if they were knock offs or the real things and then make pillows for the couch. Maybe Anna will buy them when she comes this weekend.

    • carrie says:

      Oh, those chairs are beautiful!

      Anna should buy them because, and this is where I start to sound rather elderly, my hip issue prevents me from sitting in chairs like that. Horrible, I know.

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