Now is the Best Place to Be

Yesterday was a very good Saturday of randomness.

There was volunteer work in the morning, and even though I spent 3 hours doing nothing but freehand ceiling-wall trim work and half of the group cut out early, I enjoyed working with some of my fellow OT students (the responsible ones who stayed to clean up, that is).

Back at the house, there was a perfect little present from a friend waiting in the mail for me! After that, there was an unexpected lunch invitation from another friend. As a bonus, he picked up the tab at El Bronco. After touring his new loft at WireWorks, I went to the Mud House for homework and a gluten-free cookie.

As a homework break, I roasted chestnuts that Porkchop’s girlfriend’s parents foraged at Creve Coeur Lake. Served with hot apple cider, it was the perfect little snack. Also, as opposed to my previous chestnut-roasting experience, this time I neither cut off part of my thumb nor caused a minor explosion in the oven. Definitely a success.


Keeping Up

When my friend and I were walking back from El Bronco, we were talking about exercise and how walking is so much more common in Europe. My friend was walking at a good clip, and I stepped it up to keep apace (also to appear European with my fast-walking). He commented on how I must be walking a lot because he could barely keep up with me. Then I laughed and said that I could barely keep up with him. Unconsciously, we were both trying to keep up with the other and this resulted in something akin to a power walk race. Afterwards, I thought about how this illustrates so much of my life in the past 5 months.

Convenient Conduits

I was also struck while reading my textbook about intentional use of self. In the section about managing difficult client behavior, the author writes about how therapists must remember that we are often only a convenient conduit for what is most likely a predetermined pattern of behavior.

It’s an obvious observation, I suppose, but wow. It really opened up my mind. I’m going to keep this as my mantra whenever I interact with my family.

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