Role Play!

One of the things I love about OT school is all the role play we get to do.

Seriously, it’s fun to pretend and have that be your class!

In one class, we’re gearing up for a month of role play dealing with group sessions. We will each assume a character for the entire month, and take turns co-leading the group as therapists. It should be quite fun.

I chose the gay character (surprise, surprise), and my only complaint is the complete stereotyping of this guy. He’s the only HIV+ character in the group, and he attempted suicide two weeks ago.


For reals?

Why can’t the 35-year-old mother with bipolar I disorder have HIV?

Oh well. I can’t wait to go to town with this guy and finally live my dream of being a gay man.

Not quite kidding. As I was walking to class this morning, I was thinking about my happy place, which is imagining me as a scruffy, loner, cigarette-smoking gay cowboy in the days of yore. Just me, my horse, my bedroll, and some stray cows. Bunking up with other cowboys for warmth and perhaps to relieve a bit of loneliness. A million points if I can work this into my school role play somehow.


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