Happiness in a Bowl

My roommate is out of town this weekend, and I’m relishing in pretending that I live alone again. Don’t get me wrong…I have no true complaints about my roommate. It’s just that I enjoy the restorative silence of being alone here, balanced by being able to blast Sleater-Kinney without worrying about the noise level.

To cap off a very long week, I gave myself a couple of hours of British-y goodness last night. I was excited to watch the third Sherlock Holmes episode of the second season until I realized that it is also the last episode of the second season. More now!

Afterwards, I watched a Doc Martin episode. I don’t know how I became sucked into that show, but I’m a devotee now (a devotee who watches it on occasion, that is).

There was also knitting. The Leftie grows slowly in fits and starts.

Someday. Someday.

Bounty of Autumnal Goodness

The summer sped by without me frequenting the Tower Grove farmers’ market. What the hell?

I hit it today and stocked up on my favorite fall offerings:

Hell yeah!

Butternut and delicata! I am in winter squash heaven.

I picked up the box of persimmons on a whim, and then remembered why I usually don’t buy them. They’re super tasty, but also super seedy. I believe the seed to fruit ratio is grossly out of proportion.

It’s a Good Day When You Use Your Food Processor Twice

First up, potato-cheese soup. Fall happiness dished out in a bowl. This picture makes it look like a bowl of blah, but it is anything but.

After eating this, I immediately fell asleep from carb overload.

Next up was making pumpkin puree for a yet-to-be-made quinoa-pumpkin pudding.

Pumpkin carnage

My food processor feels much less neglected now, and I feel happy from puttering around the kitchen for a good chunk of the day.

And now…now homework calls.

But, PS!!!

This morning I woke up at 6:20. Yes, there was some tossing and turning in the night, but I did not wake up at the dreaded 3:30 or 4:30! When I saw the clock, I nearly cried from happiness.


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