Some mornings, I find myself wiping up menstrual blood off the floor of the public restroom in my program’s building.

Those mornings are awesome.

I’m usually a tidy cup user, but sometimes splashes and splatters happen. It doesn’t bother me so much – I’m more concerned about the occupants of other stalls who probably don’t expect a blood spatter to intrude upon them.

IUD Update

I’ve had my ParaGard since mid-August, and things are nearly back in order. This round of bleeding is more normal, although heavier. However, I prefer that to last month when I wanted to get a spoon and scrape everything out instead of suffering from a very slow leak.

I never wrote about the IUD insertion. It was like getting punched in the cervix and having a fork stuck in my uterus.

Not pleasant.

The best part was that I nearly passed out afterwards. It was my own little after school special at Planned Parenthood that day, complete with a bloody pool on the exam table paper. To make it even better, Porkchop and her girlfriend came to my rescue…picking me up and driving my car back to my house.

But, seriously, it wasn’t too bad. And I’m still glad I went the copper IUD route rather than hormonal stuff.

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