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Nearly #1

You know what always makes my day?

Seeing all the hits I get from people searching on the phrase “benefits of androgyny.” Thanks to a post about scoring extra turkey after being sir’ed in a food court, I’m number 2 in Google search results!


It’s nice to feel tops in something after not doing as well as I wanted to on a final today. I take responsibility for not studying as much as I should have. I prioritized working on a group project over my final, and well, I have to be okay with that. I didn’t do terrible, but I sense a B+ rather than an A.


Tumbling Tumbling Tumblewords

The words spill out my eyes and ears; my fingers can’t keep up with the clickety-clack in my head.

The stream shut off in March. March 27 to be exact because I recorded it here. I shut off the words, shut off my feelings, shut off some people. Packed it all in and turned it off.

But the blockage has been unstopped, uncorked, and the words come unfettered again.

I could write here 10 times a day, fill up boxes of journals, and I still don’t think I’d have enough space to write down everything.

I move through the world thinking thinking thinking in paragraphs and feeling in compositions.

If I’m silent around you, it’s because I’m typing in my head. I don’t know how others think, but I type. And sometimes I get all OCD and have to type only words that are balanced between my left and right hands. Type is actually one of the most satisfying words because the left hand bookends the right so neatly, and everything is up on the top row of the QWERTY keyboard. I’ll take any word, but a nicely balanced one is a trophy, a prize to be savored and retyped again and again.

PS If you’re not on to me, I have a confession. Sometimes I write these posts at night when wordiness is best, and then schedule them to be published in the morning. TRICKSTER! While sometimes I write at 4:30 am, I’m usually not up posting things at 6:00 am. Because that’s just plain ol’ nutty and I’m not nuts.

After the Storm

The raging summer storm has passed, and I’m left with a clean sky and clear head.

I’m glad to be back among friends. Feet on the coffee table, drinking tea.

We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.

Blogging is like bloodletting for me. Thanks to everyone who listens, who comments, who emails me, who texts me in the morning and at night.

I appreciate you all, and I hope this finds you with serenity.