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More Dream Encounters

Maybe it was obvious, maybe it wasn’t, but in October I had a hurt-y experience with someone. I let my little fledgeling fragile heart loose, and it got caught in some ickiness.

And I think my unconscious is finally letting it go because I dreamt about it last night.

There was a slight confrontation, which ended with the other person staring searchingly into my eyes and telling me that I have the palest eyes he has ever seen.

Which doesn’t make much sense because we all know I have black eyes.



In other news, the semester is winding down with much craziness. Everything is due at once, there are a couple of finals next week, and people keep giving us new assignments.

The semester has flown by with much activity. I enjoyed it, and I think I’ll enjoy next semester even more.

Human cadaver lab, here I come!


And, a couple of weeks ago I was lucky to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops perform at the Sheldon (thanks to a friend who works at KDHX!). It was awesome to see this guy play the bones:


Well, Hello, Mr. President

Last night I dreamt that a friend and I were to appear on Good Morning America with none other than the president. The reason behind it seemed unclear even in my dream.

However, it was quite clear that Obama sat between my friend and me on the pre-show couch, and I found his hand making its way up my thigh.

This development found no protest from me.


I also had night sweats for the first time since getting off citalopram.

That development was met with cursing protests from me. Four times I woke up in drippy disgust.

I’m hoping this was due to an anomaly in internal body temperature or my hot presidential dream, and not a new trend.

Blargh, tiredness.


I also dreamt that Scout shat on me.

Which sounds about right.

I feel bad that she’s so alone, but she’s such a jerk. Porkchop tried incorporating Scout into her flock, and it was a bit of a disaster.

Porkchop’s hens welcomed Scout into their coop, and Scout reciprocated by pecking their eyes.

Such an ungrateful little hen.

I’ve Got Your Back. And Your Front.

Some mornings begin with snicker-worthy events.

This morning, for example!

Today started with Porkchop calling and inquiring whether I could:

  1. Lend her a bra.
  2. Drop off said bra at her workplace.

Since my school is just blocks from her workplace, it worked out. We can all breathe a bit more easily knowing that Porkchop is bridled.

And I will leave it to one’s imagination as to what prompted this request in the first place.


Someone has posted my new favorite. I listen to this at least five times a day.

Also, it wasn’t my intention to be Cat Power’s hair copycat.


Some mornings, I find myself wiping up menstrual blood off the floor of the public restroom in my program’s building.

Those mornings are awesome.

I’m usually a tidy cup user, but sometimes splashes and splatters happen. It doesn’t bother me so much – I’m more concerned about the occupants of other stalls who probably don’t expect a blood spatter to intrude upon them.

IUD Update

I’ve had my ParaGard since mid-August, and things are nearly back in order. This round of bleeding is more normal, although heavier. However, I prefer that to last month when I wanted to get a spoon and scrape everything out instead of suffering from a very slow leak.

I never wrote about the IUD insertion. It was like getting punched in the cervix and having a fork stuck in my uterus.

Not pleasant.

The best part was that I nearly passed out afterwards. It was my own little after school special at Planned Parenthood that day, complete with a bloody pool on the exam table paper. To make it even better, Porkchop and her girlfriend came to my rescue…picking me up and driving my car back to my house.

But, seriously, it wasn’t too bad. And I’m still glad I went the copper IUD route rather than hormonal stuff.

Pretty Indulgences

I’m not one to want possessions, but I think this should be mine:

Collection of pretties.

This was from an art show/viewing of collections that I went to right after Half-Drag. The juxtaposition of the two shows was thrilling and each was equally exciting/disturbing.

Also disturbing is the rate at which Keetah is aging. I stopped by to love her yesterday and left with sadness.

Little old friend with a broken meow

Keetah is not allowed to age any more.

Today I’m recovering from an outrageously delicious steak dinner at Iron Barley, as well as drinks at the local piano bar. Such painful indulgences.

Hair Stuff

This morning I found my hair twin at Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square.

I’d just come from a haircut at J3 Studio when I found him. It was hair smittenness at first sight.

Barista: I love your hair.

Me: I love yours.

And then our haircuts went off and had little hair babies.

Do you care what my hair is up to? It’s up to this:

Self-portraiture awkward angle.

I like it, but sometimes I want to get out the ol’ clippers and take it all off.

Santigold Sunday

This is one of my favorite newish songs. One that I often play immediately upon waking.


I was digging through some old Beth Orton just the other day. While I’m not much of a fan of anything after Central Reservation, I’m loving this song off the new album:


This morning I wanted to flay myself, but in the best way possible.

I wanted to remove my skin to be closer to the sun and the warmth and the light.

It was a morning of possibilities heralding a day of opportunities, and I wanted all the goodness in the world to envelop me.